This can be one of the funniest forms of photography. When you talk about taking macros, you mean taking pictures of objects up close. I find it useful to run the camera in AUTO mode for the best results. We are going to use the following objects in class to practice taking macros.

Take a couple pictures in AUTO, take a couple in Av, take a couple in Tv. You should spend sometime changing the aperture in Av mode and spend some time changing the shutter speed in Tv mode. When finsihed, load them into the computer so see what you come up with.

Experiment with the use of a tripod to help in holding the camera steady. The outcome might be better. Below are some samples that were taken with a Canon EOS Rebel.

SH 1/50 : AP 5.0 : ISO 160 SH 1/125 : AP 5.0 : ISO 100 SH 1/60 : AP 5.0 : ISO 100
SH 1/60 : AP 6.3 : ISO 100 SH 1/50 : AP 13 : ISO 100 SH 1/30 : AP 10 : ISO 100

We will be spending the next couple of days out shooting pictures on the Forestview property. Dress for it. We will be practicing in Manual mode the first day, then see where we are after day one. Remember, you only have the space to take roughly 75 pictures.