Coffee Mug Breaking

Before you do anything, you need to make sure you have the camera and flash set up and ready to shoot. If you refer back to the introduction you will remember that the camera needs to be set in M mode and the shutter speed needs to be set to bulb mode.

The following pictures show you the screens you will be presented with as you program the Time Machine.

This is the correct mode for catching balloons popping in the studio. Push the Mode button until it reads "Shoot". The next step is to push the Begin (options) button to move onto the next screen.

You can just push the Begin (options) button again and bypass this screen. We are going to be running the camera manually so we will only be using the Time Machine to take one exposer at a time.

This is the most important screen. It is asking you how long to wait to fire the flash once the event is triggered. We are using an microphone that is triggered by the sound of the balloon popping. Once the balloon pops, the Time Machine will trigger the flash. Using our current set up, we have figured out it takes the sound about .001 of one second to travel to the microphone. You can adjust that time to catch the balloon in different stages of being popped. Practice/playing will be your best teacher here.

You can just push the Begin (options) button again and bypass this screen. Since we will be running the camera manually we will not need a flash lag time.

You can just push the Begin (options) button again and bypass this screen. This tells the Time Machine how long to wait until the next event. Since we are running things manually, we can bypass this screen.

OK. Now the Time Machine is armed and ready to go. The flash should now fire everytime the microphone "hears" a sound so be quite when you are ready to take a picture or pop a balloon I should say.

A couple of NOTES: Make sure the red light is on on the back of the flash. If the flash sits for a minute without being used it puts itself to sleep. To wake it up, push the button on the back of the flash. The camera will also put itself to sleep after about 30 seconds of no activity. To wake it up, just push the shutter button half way down and wait a second.